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  • Torfinn Sirnes

First album reviews

The first reviews of "The History of Heavy Metal" are starting to come in and they are looking good! (5/5): "Ein ganz unglaublich fantastisches Album!" (link)

Broken 8 Records (9/10): "As ambitious as ‘The History of Heavy Metal’ might be, Slaves To Fashion have absolutely knocked it out of the park, and even after listening to the album several times through, it’s just as magnificent and powerful as ever. Covering an immense amount of ground in just twelve tracks, there is no stone unturned and no subgenre left behind, ensuring that ‘The History of Heavy Metal’ is easily one of the most important metal albums of the last decade." (link)

She Wolf (10/10): "Slaves To Fashion sind eine absolut starke Konstellation, welche den Heavy Metal hier perfekt huldigen. Freunde des Metal dürfen unter keinen Umständen, dieses Projekt verpassen! Metal as Hell!" (link) (8/10): "Gerçekten çok büyük bir saygı duruşu sergilemişler!" (link)

Rate Your Music (4,5/5): "Norwegian metallers Slaves to Fashion have released a very good and VERY ambitious release." (link)

Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog: Slaves to Fashion celebrates metal with a history lesson that will make you want to bang your head." (link)

Album Reviewz (8/10): "Press play and start this journey of 5 decades..!" (link)


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