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Release party coming up

The scheduled release party at February 13th was postponed to May 22nd due to the pandemic. The situation in Norway now makes this show possible, so hopefully we will finally play live again on this evening celebrating the great reviews of the album!

The release party will be arranged by Karmøygeddon Metal Festival and will take place at Ovenpaa in Kopervik Rock City.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the event only has 65 tickets available and the show is sold sold. Hopefully more tickets will available the next weeks as society opens up.

The evning will feature:

  • A short presentation of the album

  • Live concert

  • Heavy metal history quiz (if the permit allows)

The band has only played one of these songs live before ("MCMLXX") and the challenge of getting the metal history translated to stage is such a great inspiration to everyone. The band rehearsals are very fun and enjoyable. The set list will be a combination of songs from the album and heavy metal classic played chronologically - a real heavy metal history party!

Line up:

Johannes Støle: vocals, keys

Mads Pedersen: guest vocals

Torfinn Sirnes: guitar

Stein Arild Grønås: guitar

John Lind: bass

Vidar Ingvaldsen: drums

Check out how "MCMLXX" went down at the kick off in Februay 2020:


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