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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New single, “1970”, is out

On February 13. 1970 Black Sabbath released their first album and the heavy metal genre was born. As a tribute to the fathers of heavy metal we released our first single in 2020 on that very date - 50 years later.

The song is called "1970" and we have really tried to capture the spirit of early heavy music on this one. It is highly inspired by the legendary Black Sabbath, but also of the great Deep Purple who played such an important role in first phase of the genre. We added a touch of the amazing Led Zeppelin as well, even if their part in the story of heavy metal remains a bit more controversial.

It's not easy to write and record a song with the aim of honouring and paying tribute to the true masters of early heavy metal and hard rock but went fearlessly into the studio nonetheless… We hope you like it!

Check out the song on Spotify, YouTube or anywhere else you might find it, like on the front page of our website.


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