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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New single, "Garden of Chains", is out

In the beginning of the 1990's a new genre drastically changed the music scene. The genre remains controversial among metal fans but is still an important part of the history of heavy metal. Our sixth single from our concept album project celebrates grunge!

Different styles of metal were peaking commercially at the tide of the decade but early in the 1990's everything changed. A number of bands from Seattle played a kind of heavy music that was very different than the popular glam metal that had ruled the charts since the mid 80's.

The new style of music was labeled grunge and it was controversial among many metal fans because of the stripped down sound, everyday image and introverted and angstful lyrics. The most popoular bands were Nirvana and Pearl Jam but some of the heavier bands are more important parts of the metal history.

"Garden of Chains" is our tribute to grunge and the song is highly inspired by those more heavier sounding bands of the genre. Yeah, you guessed right: Alice in Chains and Soundgarden!


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