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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New single, "Thrash of the Titans", is out

Heavy metal developped into different subgenres in the 1980's and several of these were more extreme forms of metal. The most popular of them was the fast and furious thrash metal. Today we're proud to pay tribute to this great genre with the release of the fourth song of our 2020 album project.

While glam metal made heavy metal more commercial and accepteble for a wider audience in the 80's other genres took metal into more extreme directions. The most popular of them was glam metal's ugly cousin thrash metal. With its fast tempos, head wrecking guitar riffs and aggressive vocals great bands like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth got increasingly popular during the decade giving voice to a new generation of rebelious youth.

"Thrash of the Titans" is our tribute to thrash metal and the song is highly inspired by the great bands mentioned above. The song was mixed by noen other than Flemming Rasmussen who produced three of Metallica's classic album in the 80's. The amazing covert art was painted by Dimitar Nikolov.

"Show No Mercy! Kill 'Em All!"


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