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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New song, "Expressions of Extremity", is out

When heavy metal was divided into different subgenres in the 1980's most of the new genres were more extreme forms of metal. The most popular of them was thrash metal but several other creative and distinct genres were also developped in the undergound. Today we're proud to honor five of these genres with the release of the fifth chapter of our 2020 album project.

While glam metal made heavy metal more commercial and accepteble for a wider audience in the 80's other genres took metal into more extreme directions. The most popular of the extreme metal genres of the 80's was the fast and furious thrash metal but several other creative and interesting extreme metal genres were developped as well.

When thrash metal was getting "commercial" towards the end of the decade these other underground genres became new voices from the underground, expressing different feelings and protest against the estibleshment.

We have carefullly chosen five subgenres for our medley "Expressions of Extremity": speed metal, doom metal, death metal, grindcore and black metal. Our interpretations are based on the old school sound of each of them but our doom metal song is inspired both by the traditional doom of Candlemass and the later death/doom of amongst others Paradise Lost.

Thanks to all the talented musicans and great people behind the always important knobs and buttons!

Expressions of Extremity:

  1. Speed of Light

  2. At the Gates of Doom

  3. Scent of Death

  4. Grind to the Core

  5. Black Knights of Northern Darkness

On Spotify you'll find the medley both as one song and as five standalone songs while the lyric video below is the medley as one.

Don't go burn any churches!


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