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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New song, "The Evergrowing Tree (Part 1)", is out

Progressive metal mixed progressive rock of the 70's with heavy metal of the 80's. The genre gained popularity in the early 90's and about at the same time a creative wave of new subgenres in many variations swept ashore in the metal community. We decided to pay tribute to this highly creative period in the history of heavy metal with a progressive opus exploring the evergrowing metal tree.

Our seventh song in 2020, "The Evergrowing Tree", is divided into the following three parts focusing on different branches of the heavy metal tree of the 90's:

  • Part I: Progressive Power

  • Part II: Alternative Alternatives

  • Part III: Extreme Evolution

"Part I" is released today and pays tribute to the classic progressive metal genre that first emerged in the 80's with bands like Queensryche, Fates Warning and Savatage, all coming from the first American wave of power metal, before the genre really broke through with Dream Theater's "Images & Words".

The song also includes minor hints at progressive rock, fusion, funk metal and neo-classical metal. In the early 90's progressive and technical elements also found their way into extreme metal genres like technical death metal.

In short... Get ready for some progressive madness!

Thanks to George Papas at Dystopia Arts for the intriguing cover art.


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