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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New song, "The Evergrowing Tree (Part III)" is out

The third and final part of our 13 minutes long progressive epic "The Evergrowing Tree" pays tribute to various extreme metal subgenres that emerged in the first part of the 1990's.

In the wake of the grunge explosion in the early 90's heavy metal for the masses went in a more alternative direction. We explored these alternative subgenres in the second part of "The Evergrowing Tree".

But as the music scene changed and the established heavy metal genres went more underground, a fresh and creative wave followed. Many metal bands were now out of sight of the big record companies and they had the artistic freedom to do what they wanted. The results were many new bands and new exciting muscial expressions. Many of the new subgenres mixed elements from already established extreme metal genres, like doom metal, death metal and black metal, with other genres. Thus the metal tree grew further with new colorful branches and leaves.

Great examples are creative subgrenres like gothic metal, melodic death metal, djent, progressive death metal and symphonic black metal.

These are are all represented in our third and final part of "The Overgrowing Tree":


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