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Producer focus: Beau Hill

Beau Hill produced many of the finest examples of glam metal in the glorious days of the genre. He also worked with many of the really big artists in music, such as Bob Dylan, Gary Moore and Alice Cooper.

Beau Hill is nothing but a music production legend. In the 80's and early 90's he produced multi-million albums and hit singles for bands like Ratt, Warrant and Winger.

Hill was originally a very talented singer and song writer releasing albums with his own bands Airborne and Shanghai. Thus one of his big strengths as a producer is his understanding of the musician's perspective when recording and mixing an album.

His commercial breakthrough as a producer came with Ratt's debut album "Out of the Cellar" in 1984 and he produced three more albums with them. For the next years he was closely related to Atlantic Records and worked with big acts like Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Gary Moore and Bob Dylan (Soundtrack of "Hearts of Fire"). He has also produced albums for Jason Bonham (Airrace), Steve Walsh (Streets), Dweezil Zappa and Steve Stevens.

Just as Beau Hill's big breakthrough came with a band from the emerging glam and hair metal scene, Hill's other big hit productions came with bands from the same genre later in the decade. Warrant and Winger's two first albums were both produced by Hill and spawned monster hits like "Heaven", "Cherry Pie", "Seventeen" and "Miles Away".

One of Hill's finest productions, namely Europe's "Prisoners in Paradise", was relased in the fall of 1991. However, strong song writing and excellent production was not enough to stand against the turning of tide in the international music scene as grunge and alternative music changed everything the same fall.

Hill thus stepped aside, now focusing on bringing new talented acts the sound they deserve to cut through the noise. With his own Beau Hill Productions he continues producing, mixing and developing new talent.

We are extremely thankful and proud over the fact that our glam metal single "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll" was mixed by one of the giants.

10 hits produced by Beau Hill:

  • Warrant: "Heaven"

  • Ratt: "Round and Round"

  • Warrant: "Cherry Pie"

  • Winger: "Miles Away"

  • Warrant: "I Saw Red"

  • Winger: "Seventeen"

  • Ratt: "Lay It Down"

  • Europe: "Prisoners of Paradise"

  • Alice Cooper: "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)"

  • Twisted Sister: "Hot Love"

Some of the albums produced or co-produced by Beau Hill:

  • Ratt: "Out of the Cellar" (1984)

  • Airrace: "Shaft Out Light" (1984)

  • Streets: "Crime in Mind" (1985)

  • Ratt: "Invasion of Your Privacy" (1985)

  • Kix: "Midnite Dynamite" (1985)

  • Gary Moore: "Run for Cover" (1985)

  • Alice Cooper: "Constrictor" (1986)

  • Fiona: "Beyond the Pale" (1986)

  • Ratt: "Dancing Undercover" (1986)

  • Twisted Sister: "Love Is for Suckers" (1987)

  • Soundtrack: "Hearts of Fire" (1987)

  • Winger: "Winger" (1988)

  • Dweezil Zappa: "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" (1988)

  • Ratt: "Reach for the Sky" (1988)

  • Warrant: "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" (1989)

  • Fiona: "Heart Like a Gun" (1989)

  • Steve Stevens: "Atomic Playboys" (1989)

  • Winger: "In the Heart of the Young" (1990)

  • Warrant: "Cherry Pie" (1990)

  • Europe: "Prisoners of Paradise" (1991)

  • The Storm: "The Storm" (1991)

  • Warrant: "Ultraphobic" (1995)

  • Kix: "Fuse 30 Re-Blown" (2018)

Check out the playlist below for more great music produced by Beau Hill:


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