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  • Torfinn Sirnes

Album cover artwork is ready

The album "The History of Heavy Metal" will be released on February 13th. Check out the great cover art painted by artist Dimitar Nikolov!

Dimitar Nikolov is a Bulgarian artist dedicated to art inspired by heavy metal, fantasy, horror and science fiction. He has created artwork and logos for many bands, artists and festivals, most famously the logo of former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss.

The painting for "The History of Heavy Metal" is very powerful and rich in symbols of heavy metal, like the the devil's horn, the pentagram, the skull, the guitar and the sword. We're very proud to work with such a talented and dedicated artist. Nikolov's passion for the metal genre really shines through in his work.

Dimitar Nikolov also painted the cover art for three of the songs on the album, namely "The Priest of Maidenhead", "Thrash of the Titans" and "The Power of Metal".

Check out his website for more of his great work:


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