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  • Torfinn Sirnes

Video from release party

The release party for "The History of Heavy Metal" finally took place on Saturday, May 22. It was a great evening and a very special experience to play some of the songs from the album live for the first time!

The album had many great guest musicians but due to the pandemic restrictions only one of them entered the stage Saturday; the eminent Mads Pedersen who provided lead vocals for three of the songs on the album. The set list was a combination of albums songs and true metal classics. We also did a full version of the doom metal song "At the the Gates of Doom", which is only featured as a part of an extreme metal medley on "The History of Heavy Metal".

Thanks to the amazing audience for making it a very special evening. Many thanks also to Johnny Angelund and Karmøygeddon Metal Festival for hosting the show, Funny Høie and Haugesund Backline for the packed backline and sound engineer Tom Poole-Kerr for the great sound both on and off stage.

You all rock!


  1. (Intro tape)

  2. Black Sabbath (by Black Sabbath)


  4. N.I.B. (by Black Sabbath)

  5. Live Wire (by AC/DC)

  6. Ace of Spades (by Motörhead)

  7. The Trooper (by Iron Maiden)

  8. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll

  9. Seek & Destroy (by Metallica)

  10. At the Gates of Doom

  11. Them Bones (by Alice In Chains)

  12. The Power of Metal

  13. Mrs. Hero

  14. Crazy Train (by Ozzy Osbourne)


Johannes Støle / vocals, keys

Torfinn Sirnes / guitars

Stein Arild Grønås / guitars

John Lind / bass

Vidar Ingvaldsen / drums

Mads Pedersen /vocals


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