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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New single, "Rocking Hard (in the City)", is out

SLAVES TO FASHION is currently working hard on another full-length album but in the meantime, the band releases a brand new single!

Last year's concept album "The History of Heavy Metal" was a great journey for Norwegian band SLAVES TO FASHION, with excellent reviews in the metal underground.

One time period, however, was overlooked on the ambitious album. In the mid 1970's bands like KISS, AC/DC and AEROSMITH ruled the world of hard-hitting heavy rock with a more straight-forward approach than the forefathers of the genre; Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The new bands had shorter songs, were more direct and often built their songs around strong and memorable choruses.

SLAVES TO FASHION'S new single "Rocking Hard (in the City)" pays tribute to this influential time period of heavy metal history.

Written and produced by Torfinn Sirnes

Mixed by Vidar Ingvaldsen

Mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio

Cover artwork by Spencer Robens Designs

Cover photo by Irmina Lunnøy Photography


Johannes Støle: lead and backing vocals

Torfinn Sirnes: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Stein Arild Grønås: rhythm guitar

John Lind: bass

Vidar Ingvaldsen: drums

Slaves To Fashion band photo
Photo by Art By Stones Photography


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