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  • Torfinn Sirnes

The next album

The concept album "The History of Heavy Metal" was a great experience for SLAVES TO FASHION. The reviews were nothing but superb and the writing and recording process introduced many new and exciting subgenres for the band members. Actually, a total of 47 subgenres were included on the album! So, where will the band go next?

A band meeting at drummer Vidar Ingvaldsen's brand new home studio revealed each band member's opinion on the matter.

Says vocalist Johannes Støle:

I had a very vivid dream last night about playing POST METAL driven AOR with blast beats and crust punk metal grunts. Yeah, I think that will do it.

Guitarist Stein Arild Grønås is not too sure about that:

I think the answer is obvious: Melodic and progressive groove grunge mixed with a healthy dose of black 'n' blues is bound to be the next thing in metal.

Guitarist Torfinn Sirnes has got a different idea:

The next album will sound like KAWAII METAL mixed with traditional true Norwegian BLACK METAL. We will throw in some Samii folk tones for a good measure. I've already made some demos. They sound nothing but amazing!

John Lind has a different vision:

I picture something like NU SPEED METAL played at very slow speed with sub-Saharan tribe chanting on top. I think the other guys are really ready for it.

Drummer Vidar Ingvaldsen has his own visions for the album:

"How about GLUNGE METAL, with lyrics solely about dental work?"

"What exactly is glunge, Vidar?"

"It's a mix of grunge and glam metal."

"Do you really think anyone in this solar system would listen to such an album?"


"And the lyrics have to be about dental work?"


So, what is to become of this? Will these guys ever agree on a sound that is even… listenable? It's a pity the band called their 2011 album "Artistic Differences" because the album title seems even more appropriate this time around!


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