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  • Torfinn Sirnes

New album is out!

We're very proud to announce that SLAVES TO FASHION's concept album "The History of Heavy Metal" has been released today. The album is the band's humble tribute to 50 years of heavy metal from 1970 to 2020.

Cover art by Dimitar Nikolov.

The writing of the album started already in 2016 and it has been such a long and rewarding journey through research of some truly great music. The first recordings started in November 2019 at the all analog Athletic Sound recording studio and the session was followed by additional recording sessions throughout the whole of 2020.

Besides the five band members, the album features contributions from talented guest musicians from all over the world to get the right sound of each time period and subgenre. In the mixing department local talent worked alongside producers legends like Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica), Beau Hill (Europe, Winger, Warrant) and Tommy Hansen (Helloween) who mixed the thrash metal, glam metal and power metal song, respectively.

The ten songs were dropped as singles each month of 2020, starting on February 13. The full album is released the same date in 2021, to honor the debut album of the incontestable forefathers of heavy metal Black Sabbath.

The planned release concert today was sadly postponed due to the pandemic but the band is eager to enter the stage to play these songs alongside metal classic on the new date: May 22.

"The History of Heavy Metal" will be released digitally and on CD in the first round while a limited edition vinyl LP with three bonus tracks will be released later in 2021. Support the band directly by getting your copy here:

Photo by Art by Stones Photography.


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